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Special days in our lives deserve to be captured for the generations to come.

Everyone loves a wedding, It’s the bringing together of families and the sharing of a momentous day.

We love being part of that and know how precious a day it is – so, we make sure ALL the special moments are professionally shot – for future generations to enjoy.

Over the years we have come to learn what our clients want.

They want filming to be descreet on the day, non-intrusive, but to make sure the key moments are captured beautifully forever.

We understand that the wedding day  is YOUR SPECIAL DAY and when filming with Craig we ensure absolute professionalism and wonderful cinematography.



My name is Craig Duncan and I have been a film-maker for 20 years – producing and directing shows for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 & Discovery USA.

I have recently moved back to East Yorkshire from London, to be closer to my family and I am loving all over again the relaxed pace of life up here, and the warmth and friendliness of Beverley.

My passion for making wedding films comes from loving the romance of the day and capturing the magic and family warmth that surrounds it.

The bride and groom always look amazing set against wonderful surroundings adored by the people who love them.

Your wedding is a day to celebrate. Make it a magical occasion to treasure – and remember forever on film.

You can view my TV website at :



Wedding Day
Filming Package Options

WEDDING DAY MEMORIES – Why Film Your wedding?

Your wedding is YOUR special day and we see it as our job to capture all those little moments you may have missed – like grandma getting emotional, the kids dancing in a circle, tearful dad – the bringing together of the entire family.

A film of your ‘wedding day memories’ is also wonderful for new members of the family… the generations to come who couldn’t be there. It offers an opportunity to share the emotion, speeches and ceremony with them forever.

So, make sure you speak to us about what your needs are so we can find a package to suit you at a price that works.


Optional Extras

Additional Camera Operator

Add extra production quality by having all angles covered. Cross shooting with two cameras means we can see both the bride and groom reacting to key moments capturing the fun & spontaneity of the day   Recommended!

Bride Preparation

In as discreet a way as possible we operate out of sight making sure our cameras miss none of the  excitement, fun and buzz as big day begins. Hair, make-up, jewellery & flowers – they are all  memorable part of your wedding day andwe can be there to capture it all.

Guest Video Messages

Friends family and guests can come and leave a private message for you on a specially rigged unmanned camera which we will set up in a quiet room. Lots of fun – available as a separate video or it can be cut into your highlights.

Partying Late

Partying can go on to the early hours and sometimes our clients really wish we’d been there to keep filming until the the dancing stops. Ordinarily  we will cover the first two or three dances and leave you guys to it – but we are delighted to stay if you want us to!

Presentation Box & Copies

BluRay Copy

USB Stick Copy

Presentation Boxes

(with BluRay & USB)

Extra Editing

This can be a fun feature where you become the director and control a bespokely commissioned version of your special day. maybe you’d like a fun version – are a cheeky version for your eyes only. Whatever it is you fancy, we are here to oblige.



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